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"Back in 2017, I began working on my own line of tucking underwear, I didn't know a thing about underwear, but I knew that what I needed did not exist. After working for months on designs and prototypes, I was ready to launch. Unfortunately due to personal reasons, it was not yet my time, the company was placed on the back burner and I rebuilt my life. 

Here I find myself, four years on and I finally have the space, the clarity, the time and the drive to make this happen. Not only because the problem that I wanted to solve back then still exists, but also because I have worn my prototypes every day since, I know my product, it works and now after years of people asking me where I got my tucking underwear from, I can finally direct them here, to Zoah.

As this company grows, I want to make sure that the product lines that we offer cater to the needs of all trans, non binary and gender nonconforming people. I want us to have undergarments that were designed for us to feel good, not merely for the gaze of others. We deserve to be comfortable whilst also having our unique needs met when it comes to our underwear, 

My heart is full of gratitude and love in thanks for your kindness in supporting me."