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Zoah is an inclusive underwear brand that was launched to support the unique needs of trans women, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals. It was conceived by Danielle St James, a prominent figure within the UK LGBTQ community, to plug a gap in the market for products that would provide their wearer with the ultimate confidence, comfort and silhouette.
As well as her work as an  influencer, content creator and model, Danielle is the Chief Executive of Not A Phase, a leading charity that supports trans adults through community focused projects, resource distribution, campaigns and corporate consultancy.

A personal message from Zoah founder, Danielle St James

“Welcome to Zoah! I am delighted you found us. I began working on my own line of tucking underwear back in 2017, frustrated that what I needed did not exist. As a trans woman and model, I wanted a product that was specifically designed for my needs, that would give me the silhouette I wanted, without having to wear
multiple, ill-fitting layers, a solution which was not only painful but could never be 100 percent relied upon.
The other issue I had was around the way in which existing products were sold: either over-sexualised or patronisingly feminine. So I designed a range of garments that I would want to buy and wear myself - and the feedback I have received has been incredible.

As this company grows, we will remain committed to developing products that will cater to the needs of all trans, non binary and gender non-conforming people. I want us to have access to undergarments that were designed for us to feel good, not merely for the gaze of others.
My heart is full of gratitude and love in thanks for your kindness in supporting me. I hope you love wearing our products as much as I do."